Grab It! (2005)

  1. Burn The Letter
  2. Meet Me At The Station
  3. Antidote
  4. On My Feet Again
  5. Coming And Going
  6. Something Special
  7. Believe
  8. One Step Closer(Diane)
  9. Keeping Up With Changes
  10. King Richard's Faire
  11. My Friend
  12. True Crimes Of The Heart
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This CD has it all ….Acoustic Rock which was described as “uniquely eloquent”! It has some beautifully expressive ballads as well as just some plain, straight ahead fun classic style rock-n-roll!!

Larry Grab: Flute, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Sax & Vocals Marc Grab: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Trombone & Vocals Rob Scott: Keyboards, Guitars, Bass & Vocals

Released 02/23/2005
Record Label: The Grab Brothers Band
© Lawrence A. Grab (626776773629)


A Best-Of In Disguise?
Reviewer: Dave from C. Mass

When I shut off the CD player, my wife commented that now she knew why I'm so taken with these guys. Their other two CDs have at least a half-dozen cuts that would sound right on most any band's best-of CD, and this one is no different. There are key elements to a song's success: catchy music, bright lyrics (when you can hear them) and elements that you remember tomorrow. Testing these songs this way, you could easily count Burn The Letter, Antidote, Something Special, Diane, and True Crimes (and maybe most of the rest) as strong and appealing tunes that people of all ages could find themselves playing over and over again in their heads. It's what most people call a good song if they don't need to reload the CD to enjoy it when the mood strikes. Bouncy, a little daring in places, showing great musical range and versatility, when these guys get discovered by the music-buying public, this CD will fly off the shelves. A CD that has appeal to an audience with widely varying tastes and styles comes around... when? How about now? Even if you rarely buy one, this CD will be worth your hard-earned coins.