Grab This (2005)


This CD has a Metallica/Jethro Tullish style taste to it. High energy heavy rock-n-roll with a few metal ballads.


Released 2005
Record Label: The Grab Brothers Band
© Lawrence A. Grab (626776778129)


Rock Fans Of All Ages, You Must Grab This!
author: Dave Clark
If you're among the youth of the world or still think you are, you must hunt down and listen to Grab This! I'm a jaded geezer who's seen and heard the best of many musical styles over decades, and I've quietly ignored pretenders, some of whom have actually made it to the national charts. I'm a Simon-type, but I feel the need to be demanding, so I don't hand out high praise unless it's well-earned. The Grab Brothers are a rare discovery, and their latest, Grab This! absolutely knocks me on my can. The limited question I have with this CD is strictly due to personal taste, and to mention this much about it is probably unfair. If you like clean but hard-edge rock, the kind that raises the hair on the back of your neck, then you'll say--as I do--that this CD would rank among the best if done by a legendary national rock band... it's that... words fail me... amazing? This CD deserves to rip up the national charts, and I am not kidding. Kids and kids still at heart, you need a CD containing music from a band that not only packs our youth into clubs SRO, but a band that their parents are fighting each other for to hire for weddings! Can you name another act anywhere producing music with such appeal across the age spectrum? Listen to Grab This! and you'll hear why. You might think that nobody cuts appealing and creative rock songs you can remember the next day anymore, but you'll find a bunch-and I do mean bunch--of fresh ones on this CD. If you can't catch the Grab Brothers live, you need to wrap your ears around Grab This!